Friday, April 8, 2011


I need total darkness to sleep well and also enjoy a day time nap so I've purchased more than my fair share of eye mask thingies.  Every one has had some flaw but I finally found the perfect one!  It totally blocks out light (it has a great little padded part under the eyes) and it is comfortable. It is a suede-ish material so I call it my "blue suede snooze". Props to Bed, Bath and Beyond for helping me sleep a little better. 

Thursday, April 7, 2011

She's thrifty

I freely admit that I am a cheapskate.  I have a real aversion to paying full price for stuff.  If something, anything, is over $20, my brain sees it as expensive.  Except with little things and/or groceries.  Then I want everything to be under $2.  Obviously, not everything is under 2 or 20 dollars but in my head, that's the threshold for how much I want to part with.  Of course, I am often forced to go over that threshold but I'm not happy about it!

So, I went to Old Navy the other day & got 2 skirts (one is even corduroy, my love for which is deep & possibly unhealthy) for under $10.  TOTAL. 
This is what my heaven would be: constantly finding things I want for super cheap that other fools paid full price for.  (Plus all the pizza & ice cream I could eat, of course.)   My husband is well aware how lucky he is that he married such a thrifty gal.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Who'd a thunk I'd ever be excited about thread?  But it's so pretty!  

It is going to look so cool if I ever start actually working on my quilting projects!  I have one all cut in pieces but not sewn.  Another, I've bought fabric for but haven't started cutting.  The third is all still in my head.  I'm really trying not to put pressure on myself since that takes all the fun out of it... but I really need to get started!  I'm pretty sure the problem is that I don't want to start free motion quilting & then fail at it.  I occasionally don't do things purely because I'm not good at it or don't think I will be & I don't want to fail.  

I'm fairly certain that my desire to see these projects through will win out over the fear of failure.  Besides, if I do fail, so what?  I know I can hand quilt so I can just do that. Plus, I get to give these quilts away to people I love, which is awesome!